Monday, January 25, 2010

surprise call?

today was the audition for MPYO...for the reserve list musicians
I went for the audition
it was fun n sucks at the same time. lolx
I mean, I always play terrible when I'm nervous the same time, it was fun
I don't know...
then, around 1730 - 1800
I got a call from DFP
asking me to join for the March camp
from 13 - 17 of March
I was like...
"are u serious?"
I thought it was a prank call
of course I'm surprise..
Audrey told me only prepare the orchestral excerpts, no personal piece is required
and then, during the audition
not only Kevin closed my score, so I need to play the Mozart's Symphony No.40 and Brahms's Symphony No.1 by memory...he even asked me to play any violin piece that I can play by memory.
like I sucks. lolz
but kinda fun.


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