Sunday, February 21, 2010


i supposed to be putting up more "The Arrivals" videos. But, it's kinda on hold now. Coz, there's like another 20 parts to go. And I usually need to watch it first, before I can actually put it up here in my blog. I have no idea if people actually watch it. I mean, there are so many parts, and for those whose their brain can't handle it, probably won't be interested to go into details about this quite complicated issue. But hey, ever since I watched that, I can actually, notice the words in songs or the symbols in movies or TV series by myself. It's like, my eye or ear got a glimpse on it and my brain directly analyze it. lmao...believe it or not, it's pretty cool. It feels're free of deception...and you can still enjoy the movie you're watching or the songs you're listening to and yet, you can detect all the little thing that you've learned from "The Arrivals". Anyway, since I'm putting it on hold, and if you want to carry on and watch it by yourself at youtube, please do so.

Maybe I should use this as a chance to update something about me. ;-) Going to watch MPO Chamber performance today at DFP. Suppose to be watching it with Azam and Thairy, but since Azam still in Kedah. Me, will be watching it with Thairy and Wan and Awie. One of them will take Azam's ticket, and another one, will just gamble and go to DFP to see if there's ticket.

Reversing the time, last two days, had a performance at Intekma Resort, it was horrible. Our performance was not that bad...okay it's not that good since it was extremely last minute, but the management was more horrible than ever. They expect us to come, arrange our own chair on the stage and set up our own mic and to take the chairs down after we perform. Stupid right? But of course we're not very obidient. hiihii.

A day before that, I went to play Left 4 Dead 2 with the rest of the guys after we practiced, which were Ayit, Najmy and Thairy. It was my first time playing that game. I shoot Ayit a lot, I even smacked Thairy with my sword...but I also killed some really important zombies...and I was left behind a few times...hehehehe....okay, I might caused them a few troubles coz they always need to come back and save me. What do you expect? It was my first time. But, I also saved Thairy once....from a "charger" zombie I think. Protect Najmy just a little bit, but not kill the zombie...and I killed a few "charger" zombie...and "tank"...and also accidently startled a witch. And all of the guys were like; "you're not supposed to do that!!" and I was like making my innocent face; "How am I suppose to know?" lmao. It was fun anyway...causing them the trouble. haha, but we manage to finish that game and get out alive! haha...

Well, that's it. I'm going to have my lunch now and off to DFP. Bye~~

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Raveneye said...

Luckily you came out ALIVE, hahaha...

BTW, main kat mana?