Sunday, February 07, 2010

the need to update [part 2]

i rarely update my blog now
been busy
and also in some occasion has too many things to tell that in the end I decided not to tell anything at all. haha
even now, don't know what to write
just thought I need to update...
going to DFP tomorrow, to get the release letter for MPYO camp
and...still waiting for the scores...and I have no clue if I'm in 1st or 2nd violin...
most probably 2nd. i don't know, i just think so. the audition last time wasn't superb. it was hectic. lmao.
i asked Jae Sern to be my accompanist for showcase
i'm quite nervous to have him as an accompanist. lolz
because he is so freaking good as a violinist!
but, with great recommendation from Mayya, why not.
i mean, he is a great accompanist.
he accompanied me twice before.
i've been do something for two of my good friends this year
for their birthdays.
i don't know, since this is the last semester, and i never really give them anything for their birthday except wishes.
and since i'm not planning to continue my degree in uitm...
God knows when i will get the chance to hang out with them again
i'm not mentioning names, so, you may ask with all your might, but i'm not telling. hee~
it's suppose to be a surprise...
and i want to give them something, that might look silly, but actually really meaningful to me
i just hope they will feel the same way, wish i believe so
they always do. =) also thinking what to do and give for valentine's day
hmm....i'm not very romantic...and it doesn't really bothers me much
maybe just get something simple like last year.
but, what? hmm.....
holiday is coming...coz CNY
which means prosperity burger @ McD will soon be over =(
one thing i like about CNY...LION DANCES!!
haha...i enjoyed it ever since i was a little girl.

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