Friday, February 05, 2010

the need to update

lots of things happened...but have no idea how to put it here. I just found out that the dates for Showcase will be earlier. The usual showcase is after all the exams are over. You know, because it's the end of all things for the final semester students. So, it will be more realistic to put at the end of each semester. BUT now...I don't where and why and how and what....they want to US to do our showcase BEFORE any exams start at all. IT AND ALWAYS BE....effing stupid. It's two months from now for goodness sake? What do you think I'm preparing? Some piece from Suzuki Vol.1? NO!! I didn't even have time to find an accompanist! What the hell!!!!

* * *

another side of the story. The MONO performance at KLPac last week was on the newspaper two days ago. hee~ Can't really see us la, coz it's a distance, us, on stage, were very small. hahaha.

* * *

Yesterday, went to make passport. It took the whole day. Me, and sis, sis-in-law, bro, and bro-in-law together with their kids...went to Putrajaya and literally was there from morning till the end of office hour. It was exhausting. Why passport? Because my family want to do a family trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. But they want to go in MARCH!!! I have so many things happen in March. Not to forget showcase will be just around the corner. I'm sure things will be hectic, I don't think I can just abandon my friends like that. But, at the same time, I never travel out of Malaysia before. And I want to travel out. Why am I in such difficult position? T-T

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