Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pop Music?

yeah, I am pretty bored. So, I just decided to babel about something. Pop music. If you ask me what is my favourite pop music, all the songs will not be the current pop music, but probably the "oldies" pop music. Such as the late MJ's songs, or Spice Girls...98 Degrees, Stevie Wonder and such. Because at least during that time, besides the songs are so much better, and much more unique and each songs doesn't sound similar to each other...there are message songs, you know, songs such as Heal the World or Man in the Mirror. Or songs about friendship, or family, or about believing in your heart. And I don't know about you, but I actually enjoy those kind of songs. Nowadays, all the pop songs are basically about sex, cute boys or girls, how badly their gf/bf treat them, about how heartbroken they are to be dumped by a guy/girl....I mean...it's stupid. Songs can easily influence the younger generations...or in other words, kids or underage teens...I don't mind much about teens, coz they should already know how to properly use their brain when they reach the age of 13. But kids, listening to songs about sex...with lyrics such as "she licked me like a lollipop"...damn...no wonder more girls are being knocked-up these days. No wonder kids these days want to look like those guys/girls in the magazine. They are willing to starve themselves and do all sorts of other things just to look like those people in the magazine. Well guess what? Those people in the magazine don't even look like that in real life. Thanks to AdobePhotoshop, 40 year-old woman can look like 25. For me, current pop music is one of the main influences for these kind of things to go from bad to worse. The mentality of kids these days...are absurd. They are so rude, they know about sex better than me before they are 10. They start smoking BEFORE they are 10. They became racist before they even know what "racism" actually mean. Well, I'm not saying all of them of course...SOME of them, but it doesn't change the fact that it's getting worse. I mean, some changes are for the better...but those that I mentioned...it's NOT for the better. Which is why, I think...if people in the music industry, making pop music, instead of thinking how well it's going to sell...why not think about how the music will influence the people...especially the younger ones. Influence them to be a better generation in the future, not worse. Don't try too hard to be an illuminatist....

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