Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day [no spoilers]

okay, before i make my statement, i must let you know that these are only words of my own opinion. which is...something that you can decide either to take it, or leave it. i have to say this first because unfortunately, people these days tend to take everything seriously and personally, so, i believe it is best to remind everyone before i go into details. if you disagree, it's okay, just put out a statement and i will be professional enough to listen/read your point of view. you don't need to give a professional opinion, just...anything that you disagree with and you have your own reason. no matter how silly it sounds, it still an opinion and i believe in respecting other people's opinion...which basically people rarely do these days too.

* * *
I watched this movie with Teddy on February 13, but never get the chance to update thanks to the stupid internet connection. The movie was nice. Simple, sweet, interesting and somewhat very predictable. This movie doesn't really show anything out of the ordinary since it just show a few different stories in different characters. But it is interesting how the characters somehow consciously/unconsciously and officially/unofficially relate to each other. And from all those relations, it tells different stories and the humor can definitely make you laugh. However, it's unfortunate that it's very predictable. I can tell how each stories will end just by watching how each stories are presented. And the way it developed is pretty much just as I predicted. But, I have to give credits for such a very strong cast. It makes the movie a lot more interesting and you just want to watch it till the end even though you will know just how it's going to be. But, just because I said it's predictable, doesn't mean you should lose interest in watching it. Because it's very fun to watch with your love ones. If I am to rate this movie from the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I will give this movie a 7. Happy 'belated' Valentine's Day everybody!!


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