Saturday, March 20, 2010

quick updates since i'm very sleepy

right after MPYO camp over...
straight go to OSR camp
very exhausting
Thursday, went to 1u...kinda regret it since we were extremely late for the 2nd half of rehearsal.
Thairy became my driver. =D *thank you!!*
Friday, I starved myself coz I didn't know there were free food, so, I'm very hungry, and an incident that occur later that I wish not to mention and just forget about it and only put it in the past.
Saturday, the performance...was not that bad.
later, planned to go watch Alice in Wonderland...
but the show is too late, so me and Thairy watched From Paris With Love instead.....
damn it was so freaking boring!
Not even close to reach my expectation.
well.......gtg....lots of things to be done...
nite nite~

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