Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Talking of Absolute Rubbish

today i want to be sentimental a bit. and talk about something that everybody adore and hate all at the same time, which is love. hee~

i'm not talking about "family" love or "animal" love or even "nature" love. i'm talking about the kind of love that you feel with your special someone that you might want to spend your whole life with. yeah, that kind of love. what is love to you? what does it mean? what makes people want it so much? and why do people hate it too? well, it's a very subjective question i guess. but, i think to be in love with someone is to be able to be absolutely honest to each other, trust each other, just be yourself and accept your significant other with who they are. if, you are in a relationship, and you are afraid to be friend with someone of the opposite sex because you fear of having a little "crush" kind of feeling with that person...then your current boyfriend/girlfriend is not your true love. because to me, if you found your true love, no matter how many girls or boys you hang out with and no matter how close you are with them, even if there's someone flirting with you, you will not give a damn about it because you know who you want to be with. well, that, of course, if you are more into a serious relationship. like me, honestly speaking, i'm not serious. that's the truth. i am not. i know it might sound bad, but i'm the type of person who will be serious when i am 150% sure that we're destined for each other. until then, i am not and never going to be serious coz in case it didn't work out, i might be able to move on much easier. besides, there are so many things i want to achieve in life before committing to a serious relationship. so, i just rather stay where i am, achieve what i want to do in life first. right now, at the hectic moment of my life, being single is not the worst thing that can ever happen to me right now. lmao. like the name of this post, Talking of Absolute Rubbish. hahaha.

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