Wednesday, April 21, 2010


yesterday, hang out with Jamie and her friend, Kimi, Azam and Thairy.
Went to Tesco and then i-City.
I had a few pictures taken in my phone, but too lazy to upload it here.
but no picture of myself though
I don't like my camera phone, and I don't bring my camera.
but it was fun and i-city is a beautiful place to go to.

but before that, had late lunch/early dinner at KFC
with Thairy, Azam and Awie.
Azam brought this face reading book.
my face is fire, Thairy's face is wood, Awie's face is water and Azam's face is earth.
I've read some of fire's characteristics. haha.
we, "fire chi" people, are very energetic and dynamic. am I?
and we can easily bond with people I?
in terms of flirting, my best asset will be my eyes. lolx.
because fire face people have very long eye lashes. that's true, I have a very long eye lashes.
So, if you want to flirt, your eyes can play the best "flirting" role. hahaha.
in terms of as a lover...what should people with a "fire chi" partner do to make this "fire" people happy?
I don't remember much, but I do remember that if they want to do something, make sure it's from the heart because "fire chi" people will love it coz we love to have some emotions involved in what you do. haha. kinda true, I do like to receive something, doesn't matter how simple it is, as long as it's from the heart and it's meaningful, but I don't really like receiving flowers is not meaningful enough to me.
I don't really remember the rest in that "lover" part, but I think fire people are very passionate or something. I don't know if I'm passionate about love...but I do know one thing, I like being spoiled BUT at the same time without making me feel controlled. I don't how the significant other need to do it, just find a way to do it. hahaha. I like being spoiled, I do. the same time I don't like the feel of being controlled. I like freedom. Because sometimes, when you are spoiling someone, you don't really realize that you are at the same time, controlling him or her.
In other words...let me do whatever I want...or at least what I think that's right...but at the same time...spoil me. ROFLOL. that sounds so stupid. haha.
but not just anyone can spoil me. I don't like being spoiled by a friend or family. Only by a guy with romantic interest. =)
hahaha...this is so weird...I should definitely stop. haha.

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