Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy mode

I am truly enjoying myself today (unlike my previous post :S)
after OSR practice, I went home, with Thairy, Wan, Ayit and Ken.
Azam and Munir supposed to join us, but they were unable to make it.
celebrated my "belated" birthday and "advanced" birthday for my brother.
we had nasi beriyani (which was yummy) prepared by my mom.
also had cake from Secret Recipe, and donuts from Big Apple
it was really fun to have some friends with me.
Lisa and Mimi were very friendly to them.
Zatty was a bit shy but she can get along before they went home.
here are some pictures taken.

my family~

Ayit and Ken...watching football match

Wan and Lisa. Lisa really liked him.

Ken, Wan and Ayit

Thairy, Lisa and I.

that is pretty much it.
thanks for the lovely time.
it was very fun.

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