Wednesday, April 14, 2010

recap for the 20...

so many things happened last year until before my birthday
ended my first ever relationship in my life...not proud of it, not really sad about it, but at the same time not happy about it. just because it's not meant to be, doesn't mean it was a disaster. it is for me, one of the sweetest memory that i will never forget. the reason it didn't work out is basically because of me. =)
then, had a fight with a recording event that's hard to forget also.
travel out of Malaysia for the first time in my life...which is to Hong Kong.
what about a "teman tapi mesra"?
i don't acknowledge it as a relationship coz it's not declared as a relationship...
that's why i call it "teman tapi mesra".
who am i talking about?
hmm...non of your concern anyway. hahaha.
only those who knows will know. hee~
what else?
owh, joined MPYO for the March camp.
it was fun.
i also met Igudesman&Joo live in person, and took picture with them also.
had my showcase and so on
there are basically lots of things happened in my life when i was 20. hee~

now...what to wish for?
i dunno....for life to get better i guess.
in terms of career, education.....
love? *hmm...i prefer to leave it to fate*
hope i can be a better person.
typical wish...what else do you expect?
if something bigger than life...
i will wish for no global warming...
i will wish for no animal cruelty
i will wish for world peace....
and so on....

well...Happy 21st Birthday to Me!! heehee~

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