Monday, April 12, 2010

taken care of...

today was a very hot day =S
but it was not a bad day...not bad at all =)
no accompanist for my final exam at UiTM. I asked 10 different accompanists,
all of them are unavailable to help me.
So, my lecturer gave permission to do exam without accompanist...
it'll sound very weird and empty...I know
but at least I won't be worrying about it anymore.
* * *
just now, had a late night drink with Thairy, Wan, Ayit and Awie
talked about this supernatural stuff
not that I am obsessed with it, but I'm curious. =P
and my curiosity scared me in the end.
how to drive home right?
then, the guys...offered to escort me back home
Thairy drove my car...
the rest followed from behind until I am safely home.
*aww...I'm flattered and thankful*
thank you so much, you guys are the best ;-)

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