Thursday, May 06, 2010

2nd time??

Today...I'm going to watch Iron Man 2 again =.="
I just watched it on Tuesday! haihz~~
This time, I'm going with my siblings...
I told them to watch next week, give a gap so I won't feel so unexcited about it. haha
I don't know...I'm not the type of person who watch the same movie twice's very very good
Iron Man 2, for okay, not great or was okay.
Plus...I'll definitely feel lonely~
Coz there will be 7 of us...
my sis n her husband, my bro n his wife, my sis n her fiancee...or is it fiance? I'm always confuse. haha
which...leaves me alone!! Waaaa~
I have no one to lean to if I got bored...
that's it...I'm switching my phone to silent mode and I will sms with him while watching the movie. haha...if he's busy, then I find another person to disturb. haha, I don't care, I don't want to feel lonely while watching it...

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