Monday, May 24, 2010


yesterday, went to watch West Side Story the musical at Istana Budaya with Thairy.
it was fantastic, the music was great, the orchestra was great (duhh~~), the singers...their voice are amazing, the acting, choreography....the's very great. It was worth it =D
after watched that with Thairy, went to his house, then went for dinner with abg mus n munir at Jaja Cafe.

Today, i became the driver, i sent my nieces to school from rawang to shah alam T-T
while waiting for them to finish school, Thairy is willing to wake up early for the rest of the week to keep me company from morning till afternoon before i will go and pick them up from school. heee~ thanks dear, you're the best ^_^

Tonight, him and friends, are going to play badminton
I want to join T-T
but they're playing it at shah alam...until late at night
i live in Serendah...which is miles away from shah alam
so, i can't join, huu~
i really need an exercise...

today, I practiced the Harry Potter piece for OSR
Gosh, the notes are bloody!! my fingers can come off T-T
then, practiced Night on a Bare was fine
and currently learning Paganini's Caprice No.13
the fingerings...very weird. lolz

well...maybe I should go now...

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