Sunday, May 09, 2010

I just don't get it...

this particular someone...blocked me @ fb
I...have no idea why...not just me but Wan as well.
I mean, I cn accept the fact that u want to block me...
but Wan? What does he ever do to you?
I know u never like him...but please...cnt you be a little professional?
As in, tell him what you always hate about him before you actually block him?
And same thing goes for u at least tell me what I ever done to you before you want to block me?
I have no problem with you...neither do Wan or any of his housemates
Now even Thairy is not in a good mood because of this and it's making me feel bad
seriously...grow up and move on
I don't know when you blocked me, but I just noticed it just now
for someone who always acted to be so are such a baby...

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