Saturday, May 01, 2010

It has been a tough night for me...

yesterday, was orchestra exam. final exam. now, i have officially finished my studies in uitm. i had a feeling yesterday that last night will be a tough night for me. i'm not really saying goodbye to them, coz i do hope to see them in the future. i'm just saying goodbye to the moment. coz things will change later. it will....and saying goodbye to that...was extremely tough. at first, i can contain myself just fine. when i want to say goodbye to faz, i cried a little, but i manage to wipe it off so it didn't looked so obvious. then, saying goodbye to azam was super tough. just by looking at him i already cried. he cried too. we hugged and later we just laughed about it. and then we went to lilin...wan was in my car to go there. both of us cried in the car. i cried real bad that time. letting it all out, telling it all to wan. then reached lilin...cried a little more, then azam manage to switch the mood to become happier. then, at 11.30pm, i went home to my sister's house, but before that, gave thairy a ride home...well, he's the one who drove the car anyway. and i admit, he was the hardest person to say goodbye to. to wan, i may be able to talk and told him how i feel. but to thairy...i can't even get a word out of my mouth. i cried...and we hugged and i'm still crying...telling him never to forget me...and he said he won't, he told me he will always be around and if i ever need him just let him know and he'll be there =') and that was pretty much it...i went home...and now, i might feel a little better. like i said, i'm not really saying goodbye to them...i'm saying goodbye to the moment. God knows when we will be able to hang out as often as we used to.

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