Wednesday, May 26, 2010

looking forward for tomorrow =)

tomorrow, i'll be in shah alam from morning until night
in the morning, i will send my nieces to school, then, i will go out with thairy while waiting for them to finish their school at 12.45pm. then, we will pick them up and take them to mcD for lunch. so, both of us will be babysitting them, i hope people won't mistaken us as their parents =S
then, my sis, wana, will come and pick them up and take them home to serendah.
after that, i will prepare for dinner coz i'm cooking at thairy's house later for dinner. i will cook one dish, while kak nurul will cook another dish. maybe some other girl will make desert, i dunno. so, we will have a home cook party at their house ^_^ but i have no clue who else will be joining us. lolz.
i'm very excited, but too bad i have no camera right now, coz my parents took the one that i have to Europe. =(
well, let us hope that tomorrow will be a great and fun day for everyone =)



Raveneye said...

Ada apa kat Shah Alam?

Wani said...

apa yg aku duk cerita tu. itu la die. haha, nnt aku update la, skrg mcm malas nk menaip.