Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thursday - 27/5/2010

I reached Shah Alam around 0930, after sending Lisa and Mimi to school, I went to his house, waited for him, and we went for breakfast in Section 7. We sat there until 1230. lolz, had a nice long conversation, mostly about cats and what weird animals can we have as pets, lolz. It was nice. Then, at 1230, we went to pick Lisa and Mimi from school and we took them to McDonald at Section 3. Met Nadya Pinang there, she teased us for having two kids so soon. lolz, we were not the best babysitters, but at least we manage to pull it off. Around 1330, my sis, Wana, reached McD and took the girls back home. Which left me and Thairy at McD in peace to finish up our lunch. Hihi. Later, after another long conversation, we went to Tesco, he bought shorts, black socks and we went for a drink coz we're supposed to wait for Wan and Kak Nurul for grocery shopping. But since, they're taking too long, we went out to Giant at Section 13 and went to Rabbit Park there at the parking lot of Giant. So cute, hihihi. Then, since we were there, we bought all the stuff that I need for me to cook Sambal Ikan Bilis. Then, we went back to Tesco to meet Wan and Kak Nurul, and continued our grocery shopping there. Later, we went back to Thairy's house. There, Kak Nurul cooked Asam Pedas and Ayam Masak Kicap for Awie coz he doesn't eat spicy food. Later, I cooked my Sambal Ikan Bilis, which turn out to be spicy and yet I thought it was not spicy enough, hahaha. And Thairy cooked Kangkong Belacan added with my favourite mushroom, Golden Mushroom. Then...we feast!! hahaha, I was so full that I thought I could throw up anytime. Munir and Azam was there also, together with Banchik, Wan's brother and his girlfriend. Owh, forgot to mention, Thairy also made a cookies milkshake, tastes good ^_^ then, we talked and talked, sitting on the floor under the fan and gossip around. hahaha, it was fun. around 0015 I went back to Serendah. It was fun =)

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