Sunday, May 09, 2010


it was fun
but no pictures though, I didn't bring my camera...lazy =P
the afternoon practice, made us nervous already
coz we sight-read some of the song that should be performed that night
wan was conducting 4 out of 6 songs...
and he sight-read the master scores as well. lol
owh, and one of this song, called Paciak Overture
I played gereteh, it's one of the instrument from caklempong.
it was fun!!
but the fun part was not in what we performed...
it's what we did between performances
haha...we divided our performance to 3 sections
and between the sections, we danced like hell until we're sweating like pigs
haha...until the song that we performed become more ridiculous. hahaha
but everyone enjoyed it very much ;-)
owh...and regarding my previous post about biting his ear
yeah...I literally bit it. haha...but I won't say I bit it actually...more like putting my teeth on his ear. haha
and then, after show, we went to a mamak stall and had supper, talk talk talk
at 12 something...we went back.
it was fun :-)

and now...need to study for my IELTS exam =S

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