Monday, June 14, 2010


sometimes i just wish i have more self confidence...i mean seriously, as a musician, self-confidence should not be an issue at all...but it is to me. which is very bad. haihz~

and...i also can't get it, why certain people, labeled other people's character based on where they grew up in
i's nonsense...just because you've met some people that you don't like...
doesn't mean everyone that grew up there will be the same
people are different you know...
give them a chance...if you don't, you will always be blinded by your egos.

another thing, i know there's nothing wrong showing to people that you love someone,
but why people call that desperation?
i mean, yeah, sometimes one person don't show in public how much he/she love the other one...but their significant other is very passionate and doesn't mind letting the world know about it...
but because of that, people started to think the significant other is desperate for him/her
isn't that just wrong?
there's a reason they are together...leave them be for goodness sake...

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