Thursday, June 17, 2010

crappy deep thoughts.....

checked CUKAS website just now. online application for 2011 intake for all UK Conservatoires on July 7, 2010. I want to apply, I want to try. No harm in trying right? but then, I began to think...if I am lucky enough to actually get in one...will u wait for me for four years before I come back? Will you be okay with it? Can you support me throughout those years? I can't read your thoughts...or what is in your heart...but from my thoughts and matter how far I am...I am willing to go through all the obstacles because I know I love you deeply that I don't want this thing gets in the way...because no matter how hard it is for us to face this...I am still applying, though, I won't say I will definitely get in...but I will definitely try my very best.

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