Wednesday, June 02, 2010

♥ Dear Diary ♥

Dear Diary,
Today I sent my nieces to school in Shah Alam.
Then I went to Thairy's house and we went for breakfast.
After that, we went to Istana Budaya to practice ^_^
Thairy is practicing for his MPYO audition, but there's a problem though, he can't really use that cello right now, that cello is in a critical condition of needing a new bridge and set up coz the bridge cracked and now it ruins all the intonation, but, if he sends it to repair, he has no extra cello to use for the audition, not to mention some cash to pay for the service, and, he needs to go back to Sabah soon on a family matter and he won't be bringing his cello along and he has no idea how long he will be there. I'm worried, I really hope he can still play at his best for his audition.
While me, I had lesson with Maya just now, played Paganini's Caprice No.13. I also practiced the ending of the first movement for Nusantara suite. It's getting there.

Dear Diary,
From Istana Budaya, we went back to Shah Alam.
We had some drinks at Jayati, and then we went back to his house.
When we reached there, I sat at the living room, under the fan.
Thairy was playing PSP and Wan and Ayit was watching some videos at YouTube.
Then, Ayit went to took shower and stayed in his room and Wan went to his room.
I stayed in the living room and took a book to read.
Then, he and Ayit went to Setiawangsa for a rehearsal coz they have a concert tomorrow.
While me, went to KFC with my sister for dinner. I'm sleeping over at her house tonight.

Dear Diary,
Tomorrow, I will go to KL to take my IELTS result slip, I got 7...9 is the highest grade.
Then, maybe go to Aquaria or something...I dunno. Then I will go back to Serendah.
Haihz...hoping to practice tomorrow...but we'll see. If not, then extra work will be needed on Friday.
I mean, camp is starting this Saturday....huuuu~ T-T


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