Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friends Like No Other...

today, some sort of reunion with school friends
fikah, wawa and ayel, thairy joined us also
watched movie, Karate Kid
the gathering was really nice
after 3 years, finally got to see them again.
talked about those things that we used to talk about
walking down memory lane
i do feel pity to thairy though, he seemed lost at times =(
sorry dear, i dunno how to take u in that ride
but i hope we cn hang out again next time n make it better ^_^



Cik Fiqa said...

weee :)
best best.
kesian mamat cello tu kan~

Najwa Abdul Aziz said...

sronok kn?

hihi.. btw,
me too ♥ thairy pix..
wani buli je dier. hehe.

Wani said...

manade aku buli die. kitorg saling membuli antara satu sama lain la. baru la loving couple. hahaha

aRyL said...

ntah.. sian die..
ala2 lost n blur..
x pe.. lame2 ti, masuk ar.. huhu