Sunday, June 13, 2010

how unexpected love can be~

story of unexpected love.
you know, those kind of relationship between two people that you never thought will happen and you just find it so hard for it to be true?
yeah...those kinds. my current relationship is among those unexpected relationships. lolz, some people can't accept it at all and don't even approve it, but they're not my parents, so, why should I care, right? lolz...they don't approve not because they hate one of us, they don't approve because they just can't take the idea of us being together as a couple. lolz.
and recently, there's another unexpected couple that I just found out. Not going to mention any names...but it was seriously unexpected. Like...very very unexpected. But when I look at my situation, I guess they must feel pretty much like we do. That special sparks that suddenly appear without you expecting it.
sometimes, I think these so-called unexpected love as most people say it, can be very special. and I kinda like it...because it can be very special. Well, of course, only the "sincere love" of unexpected love of course...not the fake ones. ^_^


fixy-psycho said...

hey my dear, i da experienced it dulu lg before u ok.
bweeeeek. u agk ketinggalan jaman la kan.
hahahahaha :P
anyway, i'm happy for u la sayangs!

word of today

Wani said...

blehh...tinggal x tinggal, x kisah. haha

thanks ^_^