Monday, June 21, 2010


sleeping disorder. now, my eyes won't let me go to sleep until it's at least 4am. even if i'm not chatting, i'm still not able to sleep. and i will always wake up latest by 11am. wish i could wake up earlier than that. tried setting the alarm clock...but not working. tried sleeping early...not working either. haihz~

then, financial problem from him
not confirmed if we can meet this wednesday.
i'm planning to have lesson with mayya.
but if he ain't coming, i'm not gonna watch the recital by practical students.
then, if the financial problem is still an issue till saturday, he won't come for osr either.
which means, we will meet on the day of his audition.
of course...if nothing comes up from anything around me that will stop it...
if something comes up and i can't see him that day...might be nearly a month starting from now before i can see him again coz the next day after his audition, he will be on his way back to sabah.
well...hope things will go well according to plan and hope i can see him before he goes back to his hometown.

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