Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm easy but hard? hmm...

it's easy to please me.
i don't really into shopping like other girls.
i probably go shopping twice in every 6 months. lolz
most of the time, i accompany people for their shopping spree, including boys.
i always prefer to go to bookstore or cd store...or even pet shop!
i like movies...love to eat...
so, i'm quite easy to please.
but, if something pissed me off and turn off my mood completely...
there's probably nothing that can please me for that day unless i get over it myself. which i always do, but for how long...depends.
maybe that's why...i'm easy but hard?
lolz...that doesn't sound right at all ;-p


Cik Fiqa said...

awat la ang ni wani oi~

anyway i've chnge my blogger url taw

*jg nk pet sgt

Wani said...

saje ^_^