Saturday, June 26, 2010

ka-ching over knowledge?

have you ever met those people that will only do something with money as a reward?
I've met a lot of those kind of people, and to be honest, I don't like the way their minds work.
I mean, is indeed very important nowadays. I probably won't be able to stay in touch without my phone, I can never learn music without those money. But, when it comes to doing something and in return, you get no money, but knowledge and experience. Isn't it a bit too much to say it is "a waste of time" or "why do you want to do something without payment?" I just hate it very much. Without knowledge and experience, you can't find a way to earn money. Seriously...even if a group of bank robbers want to rob a million-dollar bank company, they must have the knowledge of how the bank works inside out and the experience of robbing before trying to get to the real big thing. So, don't tell turn down the opportunity of gaining new knowledge and experience just because I don't get any money in's insulting. It really is...

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