Saturday, June 19, 2010



* ♥ *

i really need to start improving my double-stopped notes techniques.
am still very lousy at it...haihz~
need to be more hardworking in terms of practicing.

♥ * ♥

starting from this week, excluding OSR every Saturday...
me and thairy, most probably we'll be seeing each other once every one or two weeks.
a few reason for it is i need lots of practice, and he needs to get his head in his studies, i don't want to be a distraction.
then, there's also my mom, who won't like me going out too much.
at least i will see him again (most probably) next Wednesday coz i'm planning to have lesson with mayya and besides, there's a recital by practical students later in the afternoon. we could just watch them perform =)
then, if everything goes well, i might accompany him for his audition and later we might go watch movie...toy story 3!! hihihi~ well, i accompany him for audition and he accompany me to watch my favourite Disney movie...that's fair right? heehee~

* ♥ *

OSR just now was okay i guess...nothing much. not so many people came of course =(
haihz~ i still remember how fun and great OSR used to be...
now. no good players want to play in OSR anymore, except for Liu Yi and several others...and besides, it's really hard to get a show for this orchestra =(
but i do enjoy playing in an orchestra, so, i don't mind coming every week...just wish every one feels the same...

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