Friday, June 18, 2010


a few things I wanted to talk about last night but never really get the chance to update my blog. first one, watched Oprah about people who drive and texting or on the phone. How dangerous it really matter how much you said you can multitask, no matter how careful you claim yourself to be....but those drivers that killed innocent people all said the same thing. Just made me realize coz I do text while driving...and I do talk on the phone while driving...I need to change. I don't want to take away someone's life over something that I know I can prevent. next thing, something weird happened to me last night. someone attacked me in fb and accused me of spreading bad rumors about her in uitm. well, she's entering uitm next semester. and she said there's rumors about her...bad stuffs going over in the faculty and i'm the one behind it. weird...coz i'm not close to her, which means i have no grudge against there's no reason for me to talk bad about her...and on top of it all, i didn't even know she's entering uitm until she told me. i explained to her, but she didn't believe me, still think i'm the one who spread it...well, i told her, whatever, i told you the truth but if you don't want to believe me that's fine. but i figure out the truth anyway in the end...turn out all those bad rumors...someone just use my name so later when next semester start, i will look as the bad person who spread the bad rumors to this poor little new girl who didn't do anything in those rumors. well...guess what....those bad rumors don't just spread for no reason. unless it happened...or you made someone very with it instead of trying to use me to make her look innocent. whatever, as soon as i found out the truth i just let it go. no point in being mad at those kind of people. wasting my time. and last but not least, i can be very very very stupid at times. i was sms-ing with thairy last night. he replied, and then i replied...i waited for him to reply...waited...waited...until i fell asleep...woke up at 4 something in the morning....looked at my phone to see if there's a reply...just to found out that i never really send my last sms...i didn't press the "send" button properly so it didn't send. so, turn out...he was waiting for my reply...which i typed...and thought i sent it...turn out...i never really send it. can be the dumbest person sometimes you know that. huuuu~ T-T

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