Monday, June 28, 2010


when i was in school,
i watched this movie called Moulin Rouge
there's a quote from that movie that i always remember...
"The greatest feeling in the world is to love, and be loved in return"
i never really understand it back then coz i've never been in love.
even during my first relationship, i just assumed that i understand it,
but the truth is, i'm not...
but, when i got into a new relationship (which is my current relationship),
i really understand that line and i fell in love with that quote ever since.
when you finally, truly love someone and you can feel that he/she loves you back just as much as you...
the sensation that fills your heart can make you float in the air freely.
i guess that what people call madly in love, huh?
when people ask, what is the definition of love...
people can give all sorts of answer,
but the truth is,
when you experience love,
you will have your own understanding of the definition of love.
there are many kinds of love, and each of them might have a different definition, you never know.
but the love that you experience with someone special that when your minds are all made up, you will want to spend the rest of your life with him/her...
those are the special and dangerous kind of love, coz that love is the one that capable of crushing your heart in million pieces if you are betrayed...
and yet, you will always fall in love again once your heart is healed, and if this new chance that you get is the one that will last forever, you will be the happiest person for the rest of your life and you feel that your life will be worth living...
that's why it's special and dangerous all at the same time

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