Sunday, July 25, 2010

All By Myself

Back from KLCC
Watched Damnation of a Faust performed by MPO and CBSO Chorus, it was very nice. I enjoyed it very much. A very beautiful piece indeed.

Then, I went shopping. heee~♥
I bought a new dress from MANGO, but not the one that I mentioned in the previous post. I saw a prettier one so I end up buying that one instead :p
I also bought a new pair of shoes, but not ballet flat...and not black too, but still flat :p
I also bought a new birthday present for my youngest niece, Zatty.
Some set of Lego toys, I bought the Toy Story 3 edition.
Just a simple Lego, good enough for a 3 years old kid I guess.

Thairy didn't follow me coz he went out with his family.
Which is fine by me, I don't mind at all =)

It was nice. I enjoyed myself today

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Ahmad Aliff Yusof said...

Berlioz? Crazy ain't he? hahah...