Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the art of scent

Perfume : The Story of a Murderer. I know this is not a new movie. Released in 2006. But I just watched it last night. I've heard people said this is an interesting movie to watch. Thairy let me borrow the DVD, so, I watched it yesterday while waiting for him to go online. My comments? Not bad. Not bad at all. It is indeed interesting, just by watching it, you can imagine the stench of a dirty city and the marvelous smell of a perfume. But the obsession to achieve the perfect perfume is kinda freaky. If you read some of my previous post, I mentioned that I don't really like people with obsessions. Even though the guy is well gifted with a keen sense of smelling, I noticed that who ever owned him before, will die after they let him go. What a bad luck. This movie is more of an artistic kind rather than a blockbuster kind. I don't mind the nudity in this movie, because obviously, it is not porn, the nudity is shown...just as a nudity. But, I will definitely not hoping to possess or come across people wearing that perfume. Not my interest to be adored too much by others. And I will definitely not interested in having myself hallucinated with such amazing scent until I become crazy. But the movie is nice. Probably not my favourite, and it doesn't really give me any "wow" effect. But I do adore the simple story line and the way it is presented. It's unique and creative in its own way. Which altogether makes it nice :)

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