Thursday, July 08, 2010

the danger of blogs...

it's just an opinion really, nothing more nothing less ^_^
you see, the problem with blogs are, you express whatever you want in it...
it's like your own public diary...coz everyone can read it.
so, there will be time where you talk about something or someone
without giving out any details on it/him/her...
and others might just simply misinterpret the whole post.
i've read a few post like that...and i did kinda misinterpret it.
but then, i think again...this might not be it...maybe this person actually talking about other things...
all you gotta do, is ask actually.
not trying to be busy body...just trying to understand so you won't take it the wrong way.
for example...
some of my previous post that might be easily misinterpret...
*click on the name of the post to read the post...

my biggest aim from this post is to say that i feel sorry for that person
coz people are talking bad stuffs about him/her behind him/her back
and i personally think it's a bad thing to happen to anyone.
so, i believe if that person just let go, move on, be a little open-minded,
then maybe people will not talk about it that much.
coz seriously....almost all the seniors know about it already...I AM NOT KIDDING!!
and who's spreading it? students from his/her own batch!! not just one student, quite a few actually...
and, I just found out about it during my 6th semester...
most of other seniors found out during my 5th, I'm among the last to know actually. haha

a thought
now...i am not really dealing with this kind of person
and i do not appoint it to any specific person
you must get that clear in your head
it's just A THOUGHT that crossed my mind
and i just want to share it with people...that's all
nothing more and nothing less ;-)

and those are some of the post that I THINK....might easily be misinterpret by others.
so...maybe if you don't really get what the post is all about...
just leave a comment and ask.
and come by the next day to see if there's any reply on the comment.
and I hope people DO NOT misinterpret this post. lol

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