Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day dreaming ♥

I overslept...woke up at 11am -_-"
Maybe because of chatting from 1am-2am. But that's not the case anyway, I had like some sort of insomnia, I won't be able to sleep until it's at least 1am, but I always manage to wake up at 7 or 8am, except today -_-"

Went to Kuala Kubu with mom coz she wanted to go to Maybank. When reached there, that bank blackout...can't do anything. Just wasted time, energy and petrol -_-"
Then, went to KFC to buy lunch. Take away, ate at home.
Now...I want to practice. But my eyes are getting heavier *sigh...* -_-"
Currently listening to Paganini's Violin Concerto while updating this blog.
Thought I could let my mind relaxed a little so I can still practice, not planning to let myself sleep. Coz if I fall asleep...the insomnia will definitely get worse, who knows at what time I can actually go to sleep.

So...no napping! Paganini's Caprice #13 is waiting for me. I need to get those octaves in good shape -_-"
and what about Mozart's Violin Concerto #5? -_-"
I don't know why, but I prefer the caprice over the concerto. LOL

Might have lesson with Maya tomorrow. My mom might follow coz she wants me to work at NSO -_-"
Can I make a deal with NSO people? Like, if I work there can I NOT quit MPYO? =(
I really...really...really...really don't want to quit MPYO. But the terms of joining NSO is that I can't be part of MPYO T-T
Every time I told my mom that I don't want to quit MPYO, she will go like "you can't get monthly payment from MPYO compared to NSO" -_-"
I don't know how else to tell my parents that it's NOT about the money...
Is there by any chance I can get a fairy godmother like the ones in Cinderella? :p

Well, I better relax for awhile and listen to the Paganini's Concerto before opening my violin case.

till next time. bye~♥

I really want to watch Sorcerer's Apprentice, but not sure if my mom will let me go out with friends...huuu~

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