Friday, July 23, 2010


first subject of disrespectful...
Being disrespectful to others.
Let me tell you how the story started, I logged in to my Facebook account as usual last night,
at the very top of my home page,
I saw our picture...which is this one...
And this picture is being use as a default pic in Facebook page called;
want me to translate that to English? pretty much called "we feel weird how unattractive girls can get hot boyfriend"
Rude much?
I mean, yeah...I know I'm not pretty...I'm not even close to be called cute.
and I know he's good looking. but seriously, don't you have any other things to do rather than bugging in someone's life?
I don't even know those people, and I don't know what's their problem, but they are being extremely disrespectful by taking my picture without permission and use it on such a page.
I can deal with many kinds of people, but for me, those who can't respect others...are worthless piece of junk and they will always be junks.
I am NOT trying to be racist...but this is a HUGE PROBLEM of Malays!! Seriously! Always get easily jealous with someone's happiness...even if you don't even know their names to even begin with!!
So what if I'm not pretty? at least I'm happily in love with a man who loves me for who I am and NOT for what I look like.
I bet those people are jealous n pissed off coz they can't get themselves not only the HOT boyfriend...but the unattractive ones too.
seriously, just because you're hot (as if), but with that bitchy attitude, even guys like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp won't be interested in having a "hot" girl like you as a girlfriend. Which is why, the unattractive girls always get the HOT guys. seriously...those people are such a loser...get a life.

* * *

second subject on disrespectful
Being disrespectful on your own life.
Yesterday, Thairy called me and told me that there's been a suicide at their house.
not on the same level though (thank God)
It's male, mute too. and it's believed that the guy hanged himself out of broken love.
which is for me...stupid.
How can you waste your life like that just for another person that can't love you?
It's not worth it at all.
We live once...and we die once...
so seriously, respect your life, live it well.
what is wrong with people these days.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with u wani.. Diorang ni bongok tak hengat! -azam