Monday, July 26, 2010

I can't decide?

I know, I finished my diploma program, now I'm jobless. Not that I don't want to work or anything. But I am not planning to be part of orchestra such as NSO or RTM as a full-time musician. I don't mind working part-time, but I am not yet interested to be full-time. I don't mind teaching once in awhile and having gigs as side income. I kind of prefer it to be that way for now. But apparently, when you are can't really decide this kind of thing by WILL be decided FOR you. Even if you don't like it, you have no choice. In my case, it is decided for me to work as full-time musician at NSO. I'm not happy...coz I don't want to. It is kind of complicated to explain on why I want it the other way round...and it is something that only those who are serious and passionate in music can understand...and those who only thinks about making money for the future will never understand. Like I said...yes, money is indeed very important. Especially in music, you need lots of money for the maintenance, the accessory, the books and more. It all require money. But I don't see music as only a career to make money, it's much more than that. And it is something that not everybody can ever understand.

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Ahmad Aliff Yusof said...

i understand what do you feel. honestly wani, if you want to make a decent income, you can't have only one job which is to perform. teaching and arranging is quite a good side income. i understand that your arrangement is great, so why don't you market them? as for teaching, that's the most important side income, especially if you're in a place like serendah, make a flyer or whatsoever, especially when you teach at your own house. if you can get ten students, i think it's almost like working in the office (minus the office hour). then if you got a gig, that's a flag fall. use all your etr skills to the max.

joining such orchestras, the downside is that there is no room for development of yourself, and at the end of your life, you might be stuck spending practicing PSP. only MPO is a worth orchestra job if you want to make your music life meaningful. for me, i truly understand what you feel, if you want to work in NSO or RTM, why would you study abroad rite? Just talk to your parents about your career plan.