Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Interest?

sayang was so interested in One Piece.
I know it's a funny and interesting story, but I never really watch the anime or read the comic.
Then, since he loves it so much, he even told me what it's all about just so he can talk to me about it, I downloaded the 1st 300 episodes for him.
It's not done yet...I mean...the files are really really big.
But the first few episodes are done, so I can watch it already while waiting for the rest to finish downloading...
Now...I became more attach to One Piece already. hahaha
It's so damn funny.
haihz~ you always know how to make me get interested in your interest, huh? =P
Since I'm lazy to search for One Piece picture online...
I just took a print screen picture and upload it here...
I was laughing my ass off at this part. hahahaha...

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