Saturday, July 10, 2010


nothing much to update today. except that i went for an UN-prepared audition just now. it was for SAYOWE, short for Southeast Asia Youth Orchestra & Winds Ensemble. crazy right? the reason for it was because i was told about the audition two days ago. exactly, TWO days. i don't know what to play, so, i just grabbed paganini's caprice no.13 and a sonata by tartini in g minor. it was not perfect of course, with all the last minute preparation. but nothing catastrophic occurred, so, it's not that bad. but i went just for the experience anyway, i will be surprise if i get in =P

what else happened today? nothing much, really. except for just now at fb, some stranger sent message, pretty was like...

the person : "hai"
me : "hello"
the person : "berapa umur awak?"
me : kenape eh? saya kenal awak ke?
the person : "tak, tapi kita dh jadi kawan"
me : "really?"

and after that, no more replies. haha. it's weird, how can we be friends if i know absolutely nothing about that person? i don't just call someone a friend after saying "hi". gosh....i'm not THAT friendly. weird...

other things, i'll be staying in shah alam for the whole week next week. i'm playing for this ASEAN event in UKM where they combined all students from ASEAN universities (at least that what i was told...) so, this should be exciting. i decided to stay in shah alam coz UKM is way nearer from shah alam compared to serendah. my parents doesn't seem to like it, but hey, i NEED to do something related to music. desperately... =.="

well, i don't really know what to update anymore. so, i better go ^_^ bye~

~dear, have a safe journey back here tonight, i can't wait to see you again =)


najwa said...

sgt interesting.. :)
pape pn wani.. all d besh taw..
ta dpt bygkn cane rupe wani play music among other asians.
da ley wt video clip 1 asia! :)

Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

i know one of the reason y u must stay at s.alam....hehehe hehehe...kalau free jumpe erk..........