Tuesday, July 06, 2010


i hate obsessed people. well, if they are obsessed over things/objects i dun really mind. or even celebrity. i mean, it's freaky...but at least their imagination will be limited to a certain level. unless, some psychotic obsessed people who will definitely creep the hell out of me in any psychotic ways of them and their obsession.

however, i hate more...of people, who is obsessed over someone that i know. seriously. stalking, having the whole pen-drive full of his/her pictures. that's freaky. get a life will u? i mean, you pretend like nobody knows of your obsession...but the truth is, everyone including the subject of your obsession know about your freaky obsession. and frankly speaking, i actually pity you. people make fun of you behind your back, even teased you when the person that you obsessed with is anywhere near you...but i doubt you notice it coz your mind will be too fixed on him/her.

if you like, adore, crush or whatsoever...that's fine. but obsessed? please...stop. don't make a fool out of yourself. i mean, the person that you obsessed with, is in a relationship...come on. move on, will you? get a life, it's just not healthy. obsession can close your mind to other wonderful things. so, stop obsessing, and open your mind a little bit more, okay? it's creepy and queer. and the worse part is...everyone knows about your obsession...they, including me even know that your pen-drive full with his/her pictures...even the person whom you obsessed with knew about the pen-drive already. so, please...just stop. i feel sorry for you.


Cherylz Nur Izatty said...

i know iknow....i know who...hehehe...

Wani said...

you know who? then husshhh...x mau kecoh2 kn. hihihi. org yg paham je yg blh tahu sape. hahaha.