Wednesday, July 28, 2010

smiles :)

I guess luck has its own way to play its game, eh? Had lunch with my mom, Maya and Zameelah just now. They convinced my mom that it's too early for me to join NSO either by contract or permanent, since I still want to continue my studies. They said that either way, there'll be pros and cons, but if I join, the cons will be that I might never get to study abroad especially if I'm tied up to a contract :p

Other than that, had lesson with Maya. It was okay I guess...except that I didn't get the chance to warm up before lesson :p

What else? Owh, I will be going on a family trip from tomorrow until Sunday
Hope I'll have a great time.

Hmm...I still don't get it. Why is some people still unhappy with my current relationship?
Is there any flaw that I didn't notice?
Why do people find it so surprising that we're together?
I mean, yeah, even Thairy and I were surprised that we will actually be together...
but unexpected things happen right?
I cannot say for sure that we'll be together forever, but we are trying to get there, but at the same time just go with flow and see where we can go from one point to the other.
I mean, we're pretty much a long-distanced relationship couple already.
We see each other once every one or two weeks (maybe more). Contact each other mostly through phone and IM. and when we do see each other, we'll always be wonder people say we're like magnets when we're seeing each other face-to-face. LOL
but only because we miss each other so much!!
So, I think people should just let us try to make it work...
we all will see where it will go from one point to the other as time goes by.
I don't want to rush into anything and neither does he. So, I hope those who don't like us being together will understand ^_^


Raveneye said...

Gee... I wonder why >.> .......

Wani said...

ntah la azie. ada sebarang opinion?

Raveneye said...

Well, what do you think went wrong sampai orang lain mengata???