Friday, August 27, 2010

August 26, 2010

Yesterday, I went to Shah Alam to clear up my locker.
I'm in Shah Alam to help my sister pack her stuff up
She's moving to UK
So, I break fast in Shah Alam
Met Azam, he updated me with some stories ;)
I ate A LOT yesterday
Much Much MUCH more than Thairy
hahahaha...he was surprised too!
I ate kuih peneram, nasi goreng daging, that fried chicken that Thairy wanted me to eat
later that night, everyone else went for a movie but me and Thairy stayed behind since of my curfew T-T
I ate some more!! hahahahahaha
My tummy was surprisingly amazing yesterday =P
Today I'm still in Shah Alam, helping my sister pack
so, I will break fast with her today but maybe I can go out for a supper with Thairy and the gang later in the night =)
damn, I can gain weight in Shah Alam. hahahahahaha~
*me and azam, long time no see ;)

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