Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I hope it's temporary

Lately, my emotions are not really at the right time and sometimes I should not have felt it. I don't know why, maybe coz of PMS? Maybe. I just feel wrong at all time. I feel like people don't care about me or ignoring me or something. Then I have this doubt feeling about lots of things that I should not doubt about. And it's all because of some incident that I prefer not to mention it here, not that I'm doubting it because I believe what has been said, it's because I want to prove them wrong but there's nothing I can do but just believe that it'll be alright. And because of my "ignored" emotion, it's causing all the bad feelings. And I KNOW I should not be feeling this way! I never feel this way before until that incident occured! This is all wrong....really wrong. I just want to be happy, why is it so hard...

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