Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I wasn't born with it, I need to learn it :(

I admit, sometimes I am a bit jealous of people who naturally gifted to be good at something, especially in the field of arts such as drawing, acting, writing, music etc. Because for most part of my life, I need to learn and work hard to become good at it. Music, cooking, talking to people, being friendly...I need to LEARN to be able to do it in life coz I'm not naturally gifted in those. As a matter of fact, if I want to marry and have kids of my own, I need to learn to be a mom too. I'm not good with kids. I think they're cute and adorable. But, I'm just not good with them, I don't know how to please them. Most of my friends can do it quite easily, but not me. Sometimes I wonder if there's a gift that I'm born with. Because I need to learn pretty much everything that I'm interested in and I need to really learn it because I don't have the talent in me. Take music for instance, people say I'm good at it...but do you know how long it took me to get to that level? Nearly 10 years! Some musicians can reach at my level within 4 to 5 years!! I know every one should naturally be good at something...but I still haven't found mine.

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