Sunday, August 29, 2010

just a thought

have you ever wonder...
what difference will it be if you don't exist? as in...ever, not even born?
i'm not going to lie. i thought of it sometimes
and you know what, i don't think it'll make a difference if i never existed.
i mean, the only difference is that i never exist.
so, people will just go on with their normal life.
if i've done something great in my life, there'll be someone else that can achieve it somehow
if i mean a lot to someone, i think that someone can find someone to care about...someone similar to me perhaps.
i don't know, it's just my opinion.
maybe you'll have a different idea of it.
i just feel that if i don't ever exist, the only thing different is that i'm not known. and when i'm not known...then how can people know me and feel like i should bring a big difference in their life right?
unless, i live, and half way through my life i died or something happened that take me out of their life and they can feel my absence since i'm part of their history...then that's a different story.

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Raveneye said...

Well, if I wasn't around, you will never know me, you will never see the light and the dark that I brought, there will be less dreams in this world, there will be less people that love this country, there will be less people to spread the good and the bad things in this world, there will be no one else to ask you "how are you doing" and "what is going on with your life", there will be lesser shoulders to cry on, there will be lesser room in my house, there will be definitely no cold war between peers in the faculty, there will be lesser complaints you ever heard.

Or they will be much more trouble you will ever face if my existence is replaced by someone else. What if I am replaced by someone who is more evil, badder and an extreme grudge holder? What if I am replaced with someone bad-mouthed? What if I am replace with someone who like to take advantage on you? What if I am replace with some who doesn't really care about you at all?

Well friend, we are existed because of some thing that we need to accomplish in other's life. We are existed because we need to leave our footsteps in their life, whether clear of blurred, white or black footsteps. We are alive because we were made to teach other people, to show them what is real life and you do the same to me and others.

Take an example of yourself. If you were never existed in my life, there will be lesser friends whose named "Wani" (such a simple point), there will be lesser people to teach me (even unnoticed) about the skills and passions of playing violin and there is definitely no blog will ever created which I got some meaning of my life in it. There will be lesser fun in my life. There will be an omitted part of lesson in my life. There will definitely lesser people to talk to, about the same issue.

You see, you made a difference to my life. You never knew it all about what you did but certainly other people appreciate your existence. Maybe in my life you didn't make a big difference, but how do you know the big difference you made towards other's life?

life is a song, sing it.
life is a game, participate it.
life is a challenge, answer it.
life is a dream, realize it.
life is a sacrifice, offer it.
life is love, enjoy it.
life is a gift, live it.