Wednesday, August 04, 2010


woke up with a headache, sore-throat and I sneezed. damn it, I don't want to be sick. I am terrible when I'm sick, I can't do anything, can't practice, can't read, can't look at the computer or tv coz it'll make my headache got worse. I will feel like falling down it I stand, feel like crap if I lay down and feel I can fall off anytime while sitting. T-T I don't want to be sick!!

on the other hand, Ms.Cat will buy the ticket for the concert at KLPac for me. She will pass the ticket to Thairy and Munir will pay to her on my behalf and I'll pay back to Munir this Sunday. Other UiTM students will come to watch the performance on Saturday. Even though I'll be near to KLPac on Saturday since I'll have OSR practice, but I just can't, because the show will end pretty late, and I'm sure I have lots of catching up to do with friends...and mostly him ^_^ so, I can't afford to drive back home all by myself late at night with the small road in the middle of that tropical forest where there's no street light =S Not like I never done it before, I drove there at 1am and above quite a few times already when some show ended up pretty late. But, I just don't like it. Hehehe. So, I will watch on Sunday instead coz it'll be at 3pm.

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