Saturday, August 14, 2010

to be with you ♥

had OSR practice, lesson with Mayya, she gave me two new pieces...Paganini's Caprice No.21 and Bach's famous Fugue. hohoho~ tough pieces.
then, break fast with Thairy ^_^ Dani brought pulut kuning for me. hehehehe. there's a story why he brought it. last time he went for MPYO audition, he told me, if he can get in, he'll give me pulut kuning. and so I told him I haven't eat pulut kuning for a very long time, so I will definitely hold on to his words. and surprise, surprise, he'll be joining the September camp. congrats to him, and he is a man true to his words, lol, he brought me pulut kuning, and it tasted wonderful. thanks a lot Dani. Thairy and I had a very fulfilling dinner because of you. haha.
later, Thairy and I went to KLCC to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice, hehehe, finally I get to watch it. It was not bad, love to see Nicholas Cage in that movie. hehehe. And I love the fact that they keep the broom and water flooding scene in that movie and still use the same song. Me likey~ hehehehe.
another thing, Fad asked me to join Bentley Orchestra. I'll think about it, if I can manage my time, coz the practice is on Sunday....*long sigh...* I really hope to keep my Sunday free, but the practice is only for September concert, which means I can have my Sunday back after the, we'll see...
Most importantly, it's really nice to go on a's been a while since we last go out with just the two of us :p

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