Monday, August 09, 2010


yesterday went to watch the concert at KLPac. I brought camera but I didn't take any photos. I always end up like that, *sigh..* One of the reason is because I'm not well. Flu, headache...and PMS. Hating it very much :( So, I bet my tanned face with red nose ain't gonna look pretty in a picture, so, I didn't take any photo...though I kinda regret it now :( Idiot wani...I was supposed to have the whole day for me, him and friends. But suddenly, unexpectedly, when I informed them in advanced before any plan was made that I will be going out yesterday...*puff....* there's a family dinner and I have to rush from one place to another. Damn...I haven't meet my friends for a month and haven't meet him for two weeks. Out of all day, when they KNOW I'm out on that day...and I want to be with my friends, why on THAT day? *sigh...* The concert ended at almost 6pm. Then they want to go somewhere for drinks, I followed...reached there about 6.30pm and I had to leave at 7.15pm or something. After one month of not seeing each other, I didn't even get one hour to chill with them. So not fair...

Other than that, the concert was overall quite okay. Some of the songs are giving me a headache. Well, I never really like contemporary music coz I can't understand those kind of music. But the chamber ensemble was not that bad. Got a few ensemble issues that can be improved especially from the strings section, but at least it's better than I thought. Happy for you guys :)

well, I hope this fever of mine will be over very soon. hating it. fasting season is coming very soon and I'm having a fever. That's not cool. Do you know how difficult it is to fast when you have a sore-throat and headache? Huhuhu~

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OdaMalik said...

kenapa pegi hari sunday??!! :(
I went on saturdayyyy...

contemporary music has never been my favourite.makes me feel drowsy,sleepy,bored,duuhh..blah blah blah...but it was a great show anyway :)