Friday, August 27, 2010

When Will Racism Ends?

Racism is slowly becoming a HUGE problem here in Malaysia. I think it became worse and more obvious ever since the "Negaraku-ku" incident. Since then I can see and hear racism everywhere. Which I think the reason our PM came out with the 1Malaysia thing. To bring back the unity that was once pretty strong. I mean, how else do you think we achieve our independent day on August 31, 1957? Seriously, it doesn't matter if you are Malay, Chinese or doesn't count really. We are Malaysians and if we don't unite, our country will fall to the hands of others just like many years ago. Do you want to be ruled by others and seeing discrimination every where just like those countries that suffers from war? Well, that can happen just about anytime if we keep on being racist.

One of the racist thing I heard from Malay is that they think Chinese and Indian should not be given the rights to become Malaysians in the first place because they cause nothing but trouble. One of the racist thing I heard from Chinese is that they think that they are the one who shaped Malaysia and Malays and Indians are useless and one of the racist thing I heard from Indian is that with them being the minority, the Malays and Chinese are taking advantage 0n them and looking down on them when the truth is they are better. Seriously....IT IS ALL EXTREMELY STUPID.

In every race...each race in doesn't matter who's the majority or the minority, there are the GOOD and BAD things in EVERY RACE. Why must people only look on the bad side of a race? Seriously, one of the good thing I can see in Malay is that if they really put their heart into it, they can succeed quite easily. One of the good thing I can see in Chinese that they are very hardworking and determined and one of the good thing I can see in Indian is that they are very friendly and helpful. Why can't people look at those things instead? Why must people only look at the bad things?

We are all Malaysians. Whatever you do, the outside world will look at you as a Malaysian. Like it or not, you ARE a Malaysian, and if you hate it so much, go move to a different country and change your nationality. If we don't help our country, no one will. The younger generations are the one who will lead this country to greater success...but it won't happen if everyone is too busy looking at the dark side of each races.


OdaMalik said...

i had just updated my blog abt racism too!!
plus,im proud to say that many of them liked my post kt wall tuh!

Raveneye said...

U were talking about the guru besar? Owh, i heard the same story too tapi what i heard, actually ada dalang disebalik laporan polis yang budak 16 tahun tu buat. ada cikgu india yang menghasut budak tu supaya menambah-nambah ucapan pengetua tu. well, who is badder now??

Wani said...

I don't care really. Yang penting...racism kt Malaysia ni dh semakin terok.