Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why We (Muslims) Don't Drink Alcoholic Drinks?

I guess at the heat of Ramadhan, I better make use some of the time to share some of my thoughts. Heehee. Well now, it is said that Alcohol is truly the mother of all evil. You agree? I certainly do agree with it. If you (non-Muslims) still not aware of some of the BIG no-no in our religion, it is obviously....

1. We can't drink any alcoholic drinks. totally forbidden
2. We can't have sex with someone without having a legal bond as a spouse
3. Murder is a huge crime not only in Islam, but also ALL other religions, so no need for me to point that out
4. It is VERY wrong to believe that there's a power greater than God

there are others, but too lazy to get into details. haha

And what is the connection of it with alcohol? Well, alcohol can turn a truly honorable man to do all of the wrong doings as stated above. Once someone drinks it, it'll be easier for the devil to make its target do other stuff. I bet most of Muslims heard of this story already, but never mind, I feel like sharing it with you guys anyway ^_^

Once, there was a truly religious and honorable man who went to the mosque every single day. He was never tempted to whatever the devil persuade him to do. He was a man with strong will, he believed in God with all his heart and it was impossible for the devil to spoil him. Then, another devil told this devil; "if you can get him to drink, everything else will be easy". Then, one morning, more like dawn, as the man reached the mosque he was surprised to see there was a man standing in front of the mosque. Because all this while, he was always the first one to reach the mosque. What the man didn't know, it was the devil disguising himself so he can find a way to trigger a feeling of "envy" and persuade him to drink. The man asked; "how did you get here so soon?" and the disguised devil knew he got him right where he wanted. He held out a bottle of water, and said; "I drank this water, it helps me to get here sooner, why don't you try it?" Since the man always the first one to reach the mosque, he wanted to keep it that way, and so, he accepted the offer and drank the water. Since the man was not used to the alcohol, he got drunk quite easily. From there, the devil's works became much more easier. Unfortunately for the man, a few women were passing by, and the devil persuade the drunken man by saying; "you will not get better just like this, see those women? They can give you real pleasure of life, you'll be greater, rape them". And so, the drunken man, without having his rightful mind in state, he was easily persuaded by the devil, and so, he raped those innocent women. Then, when the once honorable man woke up, he saw those women in front of him and he was shocked of what he had done and he began to fear. And those fear blinded him from any logical sense of action. The devil spoke to him again; "you are an honorable man, your reputation will be demolished if people find out, no one must know, you must kill these women before they tell anyone else." Out of fear, without thinking what is right or wrong, he killed those women. And right after he killed them, there was a witness to the incident and the man was arrested and was sentenced to death as the punishment for his crime. On the day of his sentence, right before he was about to beheaded, the devil spoke to him again; "You can be saved if you believe there is a power greater than God. Just blink your eyes once if you believe it." Without hesitation, out of fear, he blinked his eyes and died carrying one of the biggest sin at the edge of his life, which was believing a greater power than God.

So, as you can see, the devil had no chance in persuading the man to do any wrong doings before. But when the man drank an alcoholic drink, everything became an easy game for the devil, and he can twist someone to become irrational, and fear of things that they tend to do just about anything that was told by the devil. That is why, my dear friends, alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden in our religion. It can turn a person to become the worst person there is and completely ruin their future. That is why we are forbid to drink it because we might cost us our future, we can't buy it, for we might lead for it to happen to other people's life, and we cannot sell it, coz it'll mean we are helping the devils with their work. Hope you will understand and find it rather fascinating :)

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