Thursday, September 02, 2010


you know, most people who have been in a relationship more than once
they either feel awkward talking about their ex to their current bf/gf
or their current bf/gf will feel awkward hearing about it.
which one represents you?
as for me, stories of their past don't bother me much as long as it is not told too often.
and being in the same table with his ex also not a big problem.
but one thing that CAN make me feel awkward
is pictures of them while in a relationship.
it doesn't matter where the pictures came from, I've seen most of it in facebook, uploaded by friend(s)
i don't know why, i can't stand it, i will feel very awkward.
because you know, those pictures are taken during the happy times
and when i look at it...i don't know...i just feel weird.
i just don't like the feeling while looking at it.
i will be like; "they looked so happy", and i will automatically feel awkward. lol
which is why if you don't want to throw away pictures of your ex, keep it in a safe place away from people. hahaha

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